4 Ways to Maximize Time Efficiency (Part 2)

Last week, we discussed the first two points in our 4 Ways to Maximize Time Efficiency series. Today, we’ll wrap things up with two more…

3. Shut up and drive. For the bivocational pastor, there’s something majestic about the open road…something soothing as to what it represents.

For example, I find the open road not only the epitome of dedication, but also an outlet where quiet time and dreaming come together. Unfortunately, many treat “drive-time” as nothing more than a trivial agenda item, unaware of how it can be used fruitfully.

But think about it: the world we live in requires motion to function, so why not use it constructively? ‘Cause truth is: Sometimes, we gotta shut up and drive if we’re ever going to embrace the joy in stillness and find breakthrough in our Kingdom pursuits.

Granted, a drive from ‘point A’ to ‘point B’ may not sound too exciting. But perhaps there are other options you enjoy that also can’t be helped, like exercise or household chores.

At any rate, it’s important to identify with whatever helps us align to the heart of God. For when we start capitalizing on these experiences, we’ll find we’re not only advancing the most important relationship in our lives, but also integrating efficient time management into things we can’t control.

Bottom line: Consider your “open road” and make sure to block time for it.

istock_000007370546medium-250x3004. Stay communally connected. Let’s be real: It can be hard finding time for relationships outside of work and family. Stress, life changes, technology, unforeseen conflicts…it’s like life is a merciless jungle and we’re all trying to survive it one day at a time.

But let’s get real: It can be super easy making excuses when it comes to faithfully stewarding community. Stress, life changes, technology, unforeseen con…oh wait, I’ve already said that.

Truth is: If you want to have time for people, you gotta make time for people. After all, that’s what community is all about – being intentional about pursuing meaningful relationships in an authentic way.

Of course, not every relational road is a straight-a-way, given life has a way of creating dead-ends from time to time.

However, if you’re reaching out to people at work, school or church, but still find it hard to connect, fear not! Instead of withdrawing, try engaging people with similar interests through meet-up websites, local Facebook groups, recreational leagues, etc.

Either way, by choosing to stay communally connected (or at least making the sincere effort), you’ll discover a more complete joy that organically comes when God’s love is made apparent.

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