About His Girl Fryday

about usI have a dream.

A dream deeply rooted in one far greater than my own…

…that one day, the body of Christ will find its true form: to be a unified house of prayer, devoted in making disciple-makers and a place of authentic community where compassion, honor, and love abound.

But this dream is met by a unique age – a time marked by its accelerated tempo and its dominance by distraction. And as the contrast between light and darkness increases, many pastors and leaders are finding a fast-paced world challenging their financial stability, church commitment, and everyday life decisions.

The question is: in light of these limitations, how do bivocational leaders/ministers manage the divinely appointed call to shepherd the bride of Christ, while faithfully handling other responsibilities?

As a part-time hour/full-time effort youth pastor with a full-time hour state job on the side, I know how hard the balancing act can be. I know how hard it is to obey God while many cruise on by in the fast lane.

And I know how hard it can be to trust God’s gameplan, especially when you feel your purpose is obsolete.

But even in life’s lowest moments, I can’t help but wonder how modern-day shepherds are to righteously carry the torch in a time when people are more complacent and time increasingly precious.

Many leaders, like you, have probably asked yourself the same thing, wondering how to run an efficient race when the amount of diversions and deceptions are at historic levels.

Thankfully, the Word of God says we have what it takes to conquer, since “God is able to make all grace abound…so [we have] all sufficiency in all things at all times…abound in every good work.” (2 Corinthians 9:8)

Therefore, even though we may feel the restraints of life, even though we may be pulled in multiple directions by different responsibilities, God is able to accomplish anything and everything for our good since He a) exists outside our limitations and b) created our skill sets and the contexts we’re to use them in. While it’s natural to sense pressure, it’s supernatural to press through it with a faith expressed in love.

What my wife, Lyssah, and I hope to accomplish by building this resource is encourage the body of Christ, especially those who balance loads inside and outside the church.

In the coming years, we will talk about how to live as versatile stewards of all the callings God has for you. You may feel like you’re juggling a bunch of commitments that don’t mix together, but this doesn’t mean you have to worry or find an escape.

In the meantime, keep running the race well, keeping fighting the good fight, and keep on believing in the God who always has your best at heart.

We look forward to navigating the journey alongside you all,

~ Cameron (& Lyssah) Fry

About Cameron

As a bivocational youth pastor, I live to equip next gen leaders and marketplace ministers to know God, live as Christ, and engage biblical truth.

Having accepted God’s call into ministry as a youth pastor intern in Mobile, Alabama, I’ve been shepherding the youth population at The Gate Community Church (Franklin, Tenn.) since 2011, earning my licensed minister certification and a M.A. in Educational Leadership along the way; however…as you may have guessed by our tagline, I also hold a full-time job as a budget accounting tech for the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Thus, as you can imagine, life is full, but all the more reason to expect big things down the road!

About Lyssah

13001117_10100511373490562_643496112237548650_nAn adventurer at heart and a sojourner in Spirit, my greatest dream is to impart hope to those I come in contact with, breathing truth and bleeding love at any given moment. An assistant by day and writer by night, I serve alongside my husband, Cameron, at The Gate Community Church in Franklin, Tenn., in ministering to our youth.

The daughter of bivocational ministers, I pack over ten years of personal ministry experience, both full time and bivocationally (What can I say…must be a legacy). Whether you are in the bivocational boat or are a conductor on the full-time train, we are all on this great journey together. May you find encouragement and community as we walk our road together.

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