4 Reasons Why It’s OK to Enjoy Having a Professional Job: Reason 3

In our previous post, we explored the impact that light has in dark places and the importance it carries. I think we can all agree that the Great Commission thing is a pretty big deal. Jesus agreed…which brings us to our third reason: 3: Jesus anticipated you’d have a day job.

Most of Jesus parables were framed as working. Whether he was referring to sowing seed in a field or  to a servant stewarding his master’s wealth, he equated the work of the gospel with, well, work.

If Jesus were targeting those in full time ministry, I can’t help but think he would have mentioned a Levite or  priest (in something other than the story of the Good Samaritan). In fact, most of Jesus teaching and equipping was targeted at those who were “in the real world”.

Jesus’ message was aimed at those in the trenches. Using parables that people related too is one of the huge markers of Jesus’ earthly ministry.  I’m no marketing major, but it stands to reason that best practices haven’t changed that much in 2000 years. You put resources where you are looking for a return. Jesus was no different…and in some way, we are that return.  Even Paul spoke strongly to the need of excellence in every area.

Stay tuned for our 4th and final reason.