Miracle in the Making: The Jubilee Journey (Part 5)

Author’s note: Before I continue with this next installment, on behalf of Lyssah and I, thank you all for bearing with us the past few months. We know the content rhythm has been impacted by recent events as new territory yields its audibles; however, in the spirit of Habakkuk 2:2, my heart’s desire is to keep documenting these revelations as God tends our hearts during these trying times. Eventually, we will reach a finish line with a return to normality. For now, we press on boasting in the goodness of God and the perfections of Christ (Philippians 3:12).

Written 10/22/21

I have a confession to make.

And I know it may sound weird to some.

But in short, these past few months, I’ve been somewhat selfish, somewhat swollen…

…with heavy margin centered on the artist known as Jubilee. The final quarter of progeny at halftime in the NICU with a score only heaven knows.

Each day, I wake up and take down a familiar theme.

God, keep her alive. Keep her strong. Keep her going,” I say to myself. “So, one day she will rock the nations and be the light in the darkness you’ve always intended her to be.”

A prayer in fair intent set free from spare lament.

Yet, deep down, a different tune…


…oh me, oh my, myopic me.

If only I wasn’t so shortsighted, maybe I could have spared the vanity and considered the pressing present.

For while it’s easy to tie Juby’s survival to her future, the reality is:

  • Her future is now (as evidenced by her middle name, Nileen, which translates to “surrender”)
  • As much as Lys & I cling to Immanuel, we can’t neglect Hosanna.

As the beat goes on…

“Yes, God. Keep Juby in perfect peace, in perfect health as her preemie mind is steadfast on you knowing she’s been purchased at a price. But, oh, would you start something here at the NICU to save the lost and the empty walking through these doors. As much as we believe you’ll use this life, use it now to share the wow of what and who you’re consistently are. A thread in the tapestry, not the tapestry itself, sow us into your supernatural intentions. Refresh and restore this land on which you, not us, are the epicenter…

...and forgive me for thinking the miracle of her survival is enough. It’s not enough. It’s only the beginning. So keep me humble to your next and together, we will get there…

…as you survive us today and revive us again.”


Cover photo creds: Lyssah Fry

Miracle in the Making: The Jubilee Journey (Part 4)

So…I was going to write about some more NICU life lessons today…

…however, as you may have heard, the game-plan got rained on.


Thanks to a washer malfunction, a waterfall formed in my house for the first time…leading to a half-inch of pipe water sloshing from laundry room to front door.

Of course, of all the seasons for this to happen, this happens now.

I mean…I know when it rains it pours. But c’mon, life, this is ridiculous.

Seriously, dear God, I know you’re up there! Can Lys & I catch a little break…maybe?


Oh, wait. That’s right, Lord. You are the break when we need to brake. How foolish of me to think otherwise. When we need to stop and breathe, you are the breath in our lungs. I only have to look so far as the ventilator in front of me.

And as the bells and whistles go off again, I’m reminded to the extent we endure crisis with character and fear with faith, to that extent our capacity to trust in You increases.

Knowing this, I thank you for not only trusting me and Lys with Jubilee, but also with smaller-scale (yet still significant) troubleshootings through which we can model perseverance to our neighbors, both literally and figuratively.

Per 2 Corinthians 4:8-10 (see below), reset that big picture once again so I may be good to go by your goodness.

As for you, my friends, when physical, emotional, and/or relational pipe bursts in your life, count in all joy, consider what God is expanding in your life, and ‘baby-step’ your trust in Him as you walk with Him.

It always takes a journey and often a village, but take it from a broken man. If all you can do is say, ‘Yes’ and roll with it, you have won…

…in Jesus’ name.

You have won.


Cover photo creds: Wallpaper Safari