Faith at Work: A Preview of Phase

In the bivocational life, there’s arguably no greater challenge than balancing marketplace and ministry. From conflicting schedules and limited availability to opportunity bias and indifferent colleagues, there are many hurdles bivocationals face on a daily basis. While the degree of difficulty may differ depending on calling, skill, and personality, truth is: Whether we’re stuck in a stale work culture or thriving in vibrant community, there’s a specific roadmap in each context to help us better reflect God’s heart.

But before we dive into a more definitive dialogue, we must first set the framework for why this content is worth discussion. As mentioned in my last devotional, there are two general types of bivocational leaders:

  1. The ministerial leader who works a secular job for provisional purposes.

  2. The marketplace leader who has a place of liturgical influence.

For both sets of leaders, it’s important each understands their own wiring and from that work in unity to guide the saints into greater wisdom and freedom.

But perhaps you’re sittin’ there wondering how to connect where you’re at to being a ‘lasting impression’ leader. Maybe you’ve grown up compartmentalizing ministry and marketplace only to have recently discovered God’s intent for them to operate hand-in-hand.

If you can relate, then I encourage you to dig into this new ‘faith at work’ series with us. ‘Cause while other bivocational resources approach marketplace as secondary, we see it as primary given marketplace is the leading place of influence for most carriers of the Gospel.

Not to suggest occupational ministers lack a prevalent place in pastoral settings; however, when we consider our original design and extend it into our individual purposes, we find whether we’re marketers, accountants, doctors or psychologists, we all have vocational and spiritual gifts designed to extend God’s love to a broken world.

As for the purpose of this series moving forward, we’ll examine the marketplace side of ministry in two phases:

  1. First phase – Helping the church educate marketplace ministers in character assessment, administration, practical business wisdom, and workplace evangelism.
  2. Second phase – Helping the bivocational leader integrate their understanding of these topics into their respective roles.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

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