You May Be Bivocational If…

And now…to brighten your weekend…here are a couple clichés you may be able to relate to.

You may be bivocational if…

  • You drive to work only to realize you’ve been going the wrong way for miles on route to church.
  • You accidentally say “outreach” in place of the words: “outbreak”, “outback” or “outsource”.
  • Your day-timer is loaded with the words, “coffee”, “train” & “lunch”.
  • You’re a role model tithe-giver.
  • You have more degrees than an acute angle.
  • Your résumé and/or LinkedIn profiles list ProPresenter and Keynote under “skills”.
  • You accidentally ‘amen’ during a staff meeting.
  • Your boss defaults to you to pray before special luncheons.
  • You literally consider a career in tent-making.
  • You reach out to John Maxwell to speak at your church and work.
  • You have just as many “groups” listed under contacts as individual contacts in your phone directory.
  • You have a Bible study with work colleagues but attend marketplace ministry seminars hosted by your church.
  • Your mail is saturated with sermon series packages and international outreach invitations.
  • Half your Instagram and/or Twitter followers are organizations, not actual people.


See some not listed?

Check out our bonus reel above…then add to the list by commenting below.

‘Til then, we’ll see you next time on “You May Be Bivocational If…”

Good night.

Music credits: “Boogie Power” by Mark Scholl, Robert J Walsh; “Whistle to Work” by Jimmy Kaleth, Ross Andrew Mclean