New Series: There’s an App for That

For those of us who work in any kind of corporate, work-a-day setting, there is a hot word we all know. “Efficiency”. You know what I am talking about. That illusive trait we all crave and strive to achieve.

One of the things I love best about my co-workers is our passion to utilize the tools available to us to get the job done. This is getting easier and easier with the continued release of apps that sync across all environments (computer, phone and tablet).

One of the things I dislike most about ministry is the seeming lack of optimization and efficiency tools. One day, it hit me. Any lack of efficiency in my ministry space was due to compartmentalization on my part. The same tools I use to succeed at work can be used to succeed in ministry, because, let’s face it, they boil down to the same thing: Processes for helping people.

There__s_an_app_for_that__by_jwientjesThat is where this new series will come into play. Once a week for the next few weeks, we will be highlighting a tool that is dominating its space in the every day world and show you how it can make your ministry life ascend the peak of efficiency and hopefully narrow that bivocational gap.

First on the docket: Evernote: Going paperless with purpose.

Your turn: What are some of the biggest inefficiencies your experience in ministry? Let us know in the comments!

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