How to Go with the Flow When You Just Don’t Know

So yesterday I’m driving home reminiscing about last week’s rafting trip when it hits me…

Like the Ocoee, there are many out there locked into flow riding the rhythms of life.
Steadfast. Persistent. Always on the move.

Yet, while on the outside, they seem to be getting somewhere…abiding within a certain fluidity, on the inside, they are trapped…unable to slow down…and dampened by what the current is hiding.

So I pressed in. Lord, what are you trying to tell me?  And he said, ‘Cam, behind every responsibly managed white-water river, there’s a dam irrigating its flow. Each year, the river flows in season and is then drained for maintenance. Yet, even when there’s no water, the river is still a river. For man may define a river by how much water it holds, but I define a river by the fact I’ve created it to do so. After all, if I am that I am, I am that I dam.’



Flash-forward to today and I’m still processing this; honestly, who knows when I’ll be done.

For now, I just want to offer encouragement to those resonating with this word picture.

‘Cause though you may feel the best of you…the core of who you are is buried deep under what you can’t control, a time is coming when the Lord will fill you up by drying you up*, establishing a new surface where hidden treasure can be exposed.

All those diamond rings…Rolexes…iPhones…GoPros…all those things you’d thought you’d never see again…will not only be returning to you, but restored and experienced with those around you.

Granted, it may not be easy adapting to a lower level of flow; then again, we weren’t made to be filled at all times, but to pour out** strength, encouragement, and comfort (1 Corinthians 14:3) as the Spirit leads.

So I charge you: take heart and take hope. You may feel burdened by what is concealed today, but you will be at peace by what is revealed tomorrow.

In the meantime, trust God to know not only what is best for you, but the season in which that is to be made known.

Whoever you are…you got this…


* I know…sounds weird at first, but again, God as your Dammer, this lines up to who He is

** Which implies a lowering of water level anyway

Photo creds: Panoramio

Faith at Work: Rethinking Influence

If you’ve been a frequent flyer with us over the years, chances are you know we’re passionate about helping bivocationals bridge the gap between sacred and secular…in living the same way on Monday as they do on Sunday.

But lately I’ve been thinking: What if we’ve been looking at the Sunday –> Monday discussion all wrong? 

I know, like many, I’ve heard my share of seasoned voices charging consistency within the body of Christ. Yet, the more I consider this in the context of commissioned marketplace leaders, the more I wonder if the core issue has more to do with connecting our influence than leading from spiritual authority/expertise.

For instance, I may not have the most expert depth relative to my occupation, but I do have the mind of Christ guided by his thoughts and purposes (1 Corinthians 2:16 AMP). Sure, I may be a low man on the totem pole from a corporate hierarchical perspective; however, this doesn’t mean I lack influence.

You see…far too often we get distracted trying to make our spiritual lives stratiform1. We take the ol’ Sunday adage of not being a once-a-week Christian, convince ourselves we’re not going to be that, then go out and try to extend our church person into “secular” places.

The problem is: if our influence is based on convincing others what we’re about rather than showing them why they’re here, then we can never experience real connection.

Why? ‘Cause real connection can’t happen without interdependent (i.e. two-way) relationship…without people actively investing ‘next step’ direction into one another.

Granted, how we approach compartmentalization and contextual inferences are worth discussion; however, as long as we aspire to share what we were made to know with whom we were made to engage, those issues will ultimately take care of themselves as relationships grow in faithfulness.

No reliance on institutionalizing, exaltation of effort, or Kingdom-izing business.

Just warmly abiding in the effortless rhythms of grace knowing it’s not about our credentials, but God’s competence flowing through them2.

Thus, I submit…

  1. If we choose to see leadership as influence and influence as helping people build their own, we allow transformative culture to establish itself.
  2. If we want to get real about reaching people (from purpose), we must first get intentional about connecting our influence (on purpose).
  3. Rather than encourage people to be the same on Monday as they are on Sunday, let’s show them in love how to be better today than they were yesterday.

‘Cause I’ll be honest: I don’t want to be on Monday who I was on Sunday; I want to be better today than the day before. I want to know the best God has in store. And then go out and live that forevermore.

Whatever gap we’re trying to bridge, why not start there? …


  1. Preaching the choir here
  2. That, my friends, is what being an influential marketplace priesthood is all about.

Photo creds: Wallpaper Abyss